Kyle Brill Accountant

Kyle is one of the good guys. He grew up in Germantown and has been living in Eau Claire for the past eight years, and he loves everything Wisconsin—especially sports. As a youngster, Kyle was prone to frequent dental work because his lateral incisors never came in, but he always enjoyed his visits to the dentist. It was no surprise that Kyle dreamed of becoming a dentist, and he spent three years in the pre-dentistry program at UW-Eau Claire. While in school, Kyle met his future wife, Amanda, who introduced him to her cousin, Andy.

After meeting Andy, Kyle took the opportunity to work with him at Edge to gain experience in the business side of the dental field. Eventually, Kyle developed more of an interest in dental recruiting and consulting than the practice itself, and the rest is history. Kyle is now energized by the satisfaction that comes from helping dentists navigate through often difficult transitions. As a side note: Andy likes to fire Kyle on a regular basis just to keep him on his toes, so you can be sure he is always working hard to stay on top of things!


M 715.590.2613