Noelle Hille Hygiene Coach

Noelle attributes her vibrant and positive personality to being raised in the sunshine of Southern California. She grew up in a dental office, where her mom was the office manager, and learned how to count teeth before she learned her ABC’s! Noelle has successfully worked with dental teams, both large and small, to promote leadership, improve verbal skills, increase case acceptance and enhance patient care. Noelle brings a passion about hygiene education that is contagious and loves nothing more than watching the dental teams she’s coaching, show noticeable improvement and display newfound confidence in treating their patients.

Noelle has spoken for the Wisconsin Dental Association, Patterson Dental Education Days and the Minnesota Dental Hygiene Association. She has been actively involved in Dental Hygiene Leadership, serving as the President of the Wisconsin Dental Hygiene Association-Southeast Component for 2 years.

Noelle credits her husband, Joe, and their 2 little angels, Noah and Ava, for supporting her through her career thus far. It’s that same type of support that her family has shown her that Noelle promises to bring to your practice, your team, and ultimately – your patients.


Husband, Joe, and her two perfect little angels, Noah and Ava.


“The universe may not always play fair, but at least it's got a hell of a sense of humor.”-Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City)

Interesting Fact

During Noelle’s first job interview here in Wisconsin, her soon to be boss quoted Vince Lombardi. She had no idea who this Lombardi fellow was, and said so to him.  His jaw fell to the floor, he explained, and she miraculously got the job!


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