Edge Advise

Dr. Sid Schulz

After 28 years as a solo practitioner, I decided to check out my options. Months earlier I had attended an Outagamie County Dental Society meeting with Andy Lehmkuhl as the continuing education speaker and was very impressed. Within an amazingly short time of contacting Andy, he had developed a number of options for me to sell my practice. I was pleasantly surprised at the value he felt my practice had. Rather than suggest that I lower my price to sell my building and practice to the first serious buyer, Andy brought in a second party that was willing to pay top-dollar for the practice while leasing my building to them at an attractive rate. I realize that Andy could have made himself considerably more money in commission if he had encouraged me to sell the building and the practice to the first buyer. Andy clearly demonstrated his integrity and ethics to get his seller the best deal possible.

I should also mention that all of this occurred in an amazingly short time to accommodate my need. Andy’s staff was extremely polite, professional and helpful in guiding us through the process in a way that was never overwhelming.

Should you have any questions for me in regards to Edge Advisors, I’d be happy to share with you our wonderful experience. I can be reached at: lschulz@new.rr.com or 920-989-2586.

Sid Schulz, DDS