Edge Advise

Buying A Practice

While purchasing your first practice is an extraordinarily exciting time, it can also be an overwhelming and even intimidating process. Enlisting the proper support team is key to not only your short-term success, but also in achieving your long-term goals. Edge has the ability to assist in your practice purchase by providing the services you need to get up and running in the most efficient way possible.

Document Review

The Edge team has experience with a vast array of valuation models. We are able to provide you with document explanations, identify pros and cons, translate complex elements, and offer advice based on the information provided to you by the seller. With our document review service, we can make the deal more advantageous for you.


Much of the success we’ve experienced comes from applying a creative perspective on deals and thinking outside of the box in order to create a win-win scenario between buyers and sellers. We will dissect the numbers and provide any and all possible solutions so you can make the best possible decision for you.

For more information on buying a practice, please contact:


Andy Lehmkuhl
Jessica Lehmkuhl