Edge Advise

Selling A Practice

After years of owning your own practice, deciding to sell will likely be one of the most important decisions in your life. After all, your staff and patients have become family to you, so the decision to sell impacts many people you care deeply about. Rest assured, Edge will assist you in selling your practice with compassion and understanding throughout the entire journey.

How you retire matters. When working with our clients, we see friends who require trust and guidance in planning for the next step in their career, not numbers. We work hard to understand your practice and goals while educating you on current market trends. 

If you are ready to retire, or ready to start planning for retirement, contact our team to begin an easy, no hassle conversation. We are here to help you develop a seamless strategy so you can begin planning your future.

Competitive Fees

When working with Edge on your practice transition, you are afforded the opportunity to decide the type of business relationship we engage in. You choose either an exclusive or non-exclusive relationship. Depending on the type of relationship that works best for you, we charge 8% – 9% commission on the sale price (In contrast, our competitors charge, on average, 10% – 15% commission on the sale price).

Industry Experts

We average over 20 practices sold per year. Ask other brokers the same question and you most likely will not hear the same results.

For more information on selling a practice, please contact:

 Andy Lehmkuhl
Jessica Lehmkuhl