Edge Advise

George MetropulosEau Claire, WI

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to watch Edge Dental grow into an extremely successful operation focusing on both practice transitions and consulting for new and established dentists across Wisconsin and the Midwest.  Edge has been an extremely useful resource to me in gaining the knowledge and confidence to transition from an associate dentist to a first-time business owner.  This past year I purchased a dental practice in northwest Wisconsin and the Edge dental team was there every step of the way.  Andy’s timeliness and professionalism allowed this to be a remarkably smooth process from start to finish.  Andy’s approach to the valuation of dental practices is both fair and thorough.  His team provides a large number of resources as well as useful information to help guide both parties during the process.  Whether you are a current owner looking to expand and grow your practice, a doctor looking to transition into retirement, or an associate dentist looking at purchasing their dental office, the Edge team can help.  No matter what phase of the game, they will work hard to help you achieve your goals both professionally and beyond.

George Metropulos, DDS