Edge Advise

Paul T. HueyOnalaska, WI

When I graduated from dental school, I was faced with many key decisions.  These decisions encompassed not only where I wanted to live and practice, but also what type of practice situation I wanted to pursue.  I didn’t have many of the dental connections that some of my classmates had, so it was a bit overwhelming trying to reach out and find the best fitting practice situation for my future career.  I found Andy and the people at Edge Advisors to be very helpful, professional, and down-to-earth.  They were professional from the start, and I could tell that Andy and his team cared about me personally.  They took the stressful situation of finding a practice and put it into a positive and fun perspective.  After almost a year of practice, Andy still sends me follow up emails to see how things are progressing.  It’s this type of care that you can’t find with run-of-the-mill dental placement agencies.  Andy is a family and community oriented guy, and he clearly emulates this with his business dealings, because he knows they will be future colleagues in the dental community.  Thanks Andy!

Paul T. Huey, DDS