Edge Advise

Robert F. BaimaDiplomate, American Board of Periodontology

Having been in dentistry and Specialty dentistry for over 35 year, I had never thought of using the services of any type of 3rd party in order to pursue a clinical opportunity.  However, when I recently found myself with some available time and looking for another challenge, a chance encounter afforded me the opportunity to become acquainted with Edge and Andy Lehmkuhl regarding an opportunity in my field.  A very short time after I contacted Edge, Andy interviewed me and arranged a meeting with the principles in a large practice.  Shortly after my meeting, I began practicing with this group needing my services.  I have found Andy to be a very genuine individual that truly cares about what he does and with whom he works.  Andy is a relatively rare individual in our field, as he actually does what he says he will do.  If Andy says that he will contact you on Thursday at 6:00 PM, that is the day and time that you will receive his call.  Andy has also followed up with me and my practice on a regular basis to ensure that all parties are satisfied with our arrangement.   I can recommend Andy Lehmkuhl and Edge without reservation.  Calling this team for dental opportunities is a move worth making.

Robert F. Baima, DDS