Edge Advise

Charles FlumeWest Salem, WI

There is only on word to describe Andy’s professionalism, trustworthiness and uncanny ability to get the job done…phenomenal!!!  I have dealt with numerous dental brokers throughout my 40+ year career.  He is undoubtedly one of a kind.  I hold him in the utmost regard and highly recommend him for any type of practice transition.  He will exceed your expectations!  Andy’s ability to get results quickly is nothing short of miraculous.  Words alone cannot convey the respect which I have towards Andy’s knowledge, ethics and thoroughness.  I have taught and lectured to hundreds of dentists throughout North America.  In so doing I have rubbed shoulders with many of the true giants in our profession.  I now realize that Andy Lehmkuhl is truly a giant in the realm of practice transitions.  He consummated the sale of my large practice plus real estate in a matter of weeks not months.  I highly recommend Andy to any perspective buyer, seller or associate search.  Plain and simple, Andy will get the job done, done well and in an expedient fashion.

Charles Flume, DDS