Edge Advise

John E. Knutson

When the time comes to transition your practice, you could not be better served than by engaging the services of Andy Lehmkuhl of Edge Advisors. Andy and his superb team represented me in the sale of my general dental practice in 2014.  They valued my practice fairly and favorably, quickly produced multiple full-price offers, and were able to structure the terms of the sale to maximize tax advantages.

Andy is very well-respected in the dental community, has a vast network of contacts and counselors and is, in the final analysis, an expert closer.

Earlier in my career, I sold a practice for health reasons.  I was represented by one of the major names in practice transitions, and because of this, I may have a bit more experience than others in dealing with practice brokers.  The experience I had with Edge Advisors was so superior to that of the first sale that comparing the two sales is not possible.  Edge does it fairly, quickly, and when it’s complete you will still have people there that you will want for friends.  It will never get any better than that.

John E. Knutson, DDS