Testimonials Our Fans


Doug Peterson, DDS, COL, USAR

Iron River, WI

Andy is a very personal and knowledgeable person that when he represents you, works hard to get the very best deal for you. He promptly returns phone calls and e-mail messages. His experience and multiple level connections make his advice…

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Joseph Van Cleve, DDS


Andy is wonderful to work with. He helped me find a situation that fit my family’s needs. He’ll be honest with you about everything. (In 19 years of dentistry, I’ve found that’s far too rare.) He’ll tell you exactly what…

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Christian Harteau, DDS

Milwaukee, WI

Andy Lehmkuhl knows the dental field and the dental culture in Wisconsin. He understands how dentistry as a business works. He has an excellent reputation with many dentists throughout the state and is well known at Marquette Dental School. I…

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John Werwie, DDS

Glendale, WI

…without question, Andy Lehmkuhl’s dedication to his role and responsibilities as a recruiter is unsurpassed. He is acutely sensitive to both the needs of the prospective candidate, employer, or seller of a dental practice. Andy’s personality and experience allows him…

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Eric Ladimer, DDS


Mr. Lehmkuhl has excellent interpersonal skills and is very knowledgeable in the facets of the dental business, from single practices to large dental groups. He was one of the primary reasons I choose my current employer and I am confident…

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Gauri G. Patel, DDS

Milwaukee, WI

Andy Lehmkuhl is the reason I chose my current job. He is very professional and knowledgeable, yet demonstrates compassion. He guided me in making the right decisions and shows genuine concern for my best interest. Andy also values hard work…

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Neil Olson, DDS

Superior, WI

You learn real quickly working with Andy that he means business. I went from being a new graduate with a few ‘less then exciting’ job prospects to working at my dream job, in about three months. To put it simply,…

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Brandon Roth, DDS

Menasha, WI

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Andy Lehmkuhl is he is a man of his word. I have known Andy for three years and when I learned he started his own consulting company, I…

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George Metropulos, DDS

Eau Claire, WI

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to watch Edge Dental grow into an extremely successful operation focusing on both practice transitions and consulting for new and established dentists across Wisconsin and the Midwest. Edge has been…

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James H Perry, DDS

Platteville, WI

Andy is motivated and driven, a "get-it-done" kind of a person who thinks outside of the box. He sees the final picture when others see only the puzzle pieces. He does this in a compassionate and caring manner, unlike many…

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