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Rural vs. Metropolitan A buyers guide to choosing your practice's location

A buyer’s mentality in this era is a stubborn and autocratic animal.  So many students from areas both suburban and rural come to dental schools in their youth and enjoy the variety and energy of the city. They simply can’t imagine living elsewhere after their dental school days are done.…

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Retirement Strategy Associate to Owner & When To Set The Purchase Price

So you’re considering retirement and feel your best option is to hire an associate then sell your practice to that associate when you’re ready to call it quits. Let me ask you this… Do you want to watch your perfect working relationship go from good to bad real quick? I’m…

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Beware The Lazy Practice Brand

As practice owners, it’s clear your demand for high standards, a strong skill set and entrepreneurial spirit put you where you are today. While these skills are essential when opening and running a successful practice, it’s not enough to keep your patient roster fully scheduled. You need to make a…

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