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How to be a Great Buyer

If there’s a constant concern we hear from young dentists it’s that they cannot compete with Dental Service Organizations (DSO’s) for available dental practices for sale.  The perception is the DSO’s simply go out and overpay for practices, but the truth is that they are very good buyers.  So how…

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Disability Income Insurance: What Every Successful Dentist Needs to Know

Have you ever engaged in any of the following forms of financial and insurance planning?

  • Purchasing life insurance
  • Estate planning
  • Designing an investment portfolio
  • Retirement planning
  • Setting up a savings plan

Of course you have, because you’re already aware of the need to protect your wealth—after you’ve earned…

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The Cost of Doing Your Own Books Dental Practice Accounting: What It's Costing You to Run Your Own Books and How We Can Help

This past week our dental practice managment experts met with 2 prospective clients. Each client complained about how much time that doing their books was taking them. Both admitted they were several months behind in their reporting because there were other more pressing needs in their practice and they just…

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Mistakes Dental Practice Buyers Make

Mistakes Dental Practice Buyers Make and Why The Corporations Beat Them Dental Practices for Sale and The Mistakes Prospective Buyers are Making

If you are a reader of the website Dental Town, threads like this which decry the rise of corporate dentistry are common place. In many industries consolidation of companies has become the norm, but there are lessons to be learned in how corporations buy dental practices that any private buyer…

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Sales Tax Holiday - Good Policy or Gimmick

Sales Tax Holiday - Good Policy or Gimmick

The Wisconsin State legislature is considering introducing a bill to create a sales tax holiday.  The sales tax holiday would take place over two weekends a year.  One holiday would have a focus on back-to-school supplies and a second would focus on energy efficient appliances.  Several States have holidays like…

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