Edge Advise

Adam Urban

CPA | Partner

Adam grew up in the Milwaukee suburb of Mequon. It was there where he first realized that he could combine his love for math and logic into a career and decided he’d become an accountant. After several conversations with established CPAs Adam was friendly with, he went off to college at UW-La Crosse where he double majored in Accounting and Finance. There he determined that he was ready to test out his newfound knowledge in public accounting and save the finance jargon for the future.

After graduating, Adam decided to move back home and begin his professional career with a large nationwide CPA firm. During his time at the firm, he rose through the ranks quickly- focusing on business and individual tax for both large and small client groups. Adam prides himself in providing a high-quality work product while developing strong relationships with his clients. He also aims to shatter the stigma that all CPAs are antisocial members of society who carry around pocket calculators.

In his free time, Adam loves to spend time with his family and friends. He is one of five children and is the runt of the family at 6’3”. Adam grew up playing football, basketball, and baseball but was somehow labeled the “nerdy one” of the group who landed in accounting. His oldest brother had a short stint in the NFL, and all of his other brothers played a sport at the collegiate level.

His love of sports has never faded as he transitioned to being a fan, and he is loyal to all Wisconsin sports teams. Adam will admit that he will let the success of his teams affect his mood, which has been rather tough considering how the Bucks, Brewers, and Packers seasons have ended the past few years. As always, he will be prepared to have his heart broken again the next season.

Adam also spends a couple of weeks a year setting up shop at a lake home or beach rental to relax. His family is perfectly fine parking the bus and having a couple of beverages in the sand. Sometimes though, they decide to be adventurous and get themselves in situations they shouldn’t, like the white water rafting trip from a couple of summers ago. Pro tip – don’t have your first white water rafting experience be the former Olympic training course!

Adam looks forward to bringing his professional approach (not his pocket calculator) to Edge where they share his philosophy on quality work and relationship centric accounting.